28 04 2011

Many of you have been asking for me to post something. We didn’t have much time because grade 7 and 8 were tough years to get by. We’ve been trolled on by all the things we have to do.

We’ve been screwed over by work. AHAHAHA, so anyways, thats the reason why none of us were able to post. Adding onto that, when we have spare time it either goes into studying, hanging out or playing games. So, sorry if we don’t update that quickly! It’s not that we don’t want to, but we’re stuck in a swamp of undone work.

So, anyways, see ya!




15 11 2009

Hi! Welcome to… TTFPS!!! If you’re looking for an electric sock web, you’ve come to the wrong URL!

Plays and stories are our specialty. we usually don’t do things online, except for this blogsite. Sparkie87 has dedicated her life to wrting plays, starting from the age of 11. Her age is not revealed. Kenny, Dew, Spark and Hinners are young actors who aired when they were 11. So far, they are still 13! They enjoy playing with each other in the real world, which is how we got the name The Three Friends Play Series.

ALL ITEMS ON THIS SITE ARE PROPERTY OF TTFPS. Please ask before you copy. DO NOT ASK ABOUT THE BANNER, THE ANSWER IS NO. Sparkie87 worked for an hour or more making it. I have caught many people off guard trying to copy my stuff. So, please. If you are copying, please take the time and ask us, because we’ll know if you copied. If you copy and we find out, you have a high chance of getting BANNED. If you got away with it, we’ll get to you… it takes time.

You may not have heard of this, but, it’s a pretty good place, where you can find plays that suit your mood, and since there are so many different ones, then you better start reading and clicking! Oh, you gotta know:

The Three Friends Play Series. TTFPS. Get it? This is Sparkie, the creator. Remember, people may be signing on as Kenny, Dew, Hinners or Spark. It’s a true blue world. To know more about these characters, please select the pages with their names on it. Now, this blog is very new, so you better come and check back.

TTFPS also owns a small but popular company callled: Poffin House Books. As you may know, Poffin House Books provides books, also written by Sparkie87. To find out more, please visit Info or contact us, at the Mail Us page.

Our email is: . For more info, please contact us.

Thanks, that’s all for now, and I’ll be getting my own wordpress name on here and ready. Stay tuned for Kenny, Dew, Hinners and Spark. For other supporting cast and villians, check out the characters page. If we see any thing that’s ours on your site, we will get your site banned. Remember to ask us before copying.

Here, Sparks dog, Bolt, will have a little ‘chat’ With you! It might take a long time to load, so be patient, or refresh your page. Click the ‘play’ button and hear him talk!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Thanks for reading,

And by the way Spark got the Arceus movie in chinese, and now she is rubbing it in everyones faces its awesome!! she didnt watch it yet but she is jumping for joy and slapping kenny’s face for no reason!

TTFPS Staff in cooperation with Sparkie87, Spark, Dew, Hinners and Kenny