The creator:

Sparkie87: The creator of TTFPS. She is athlectic, and likes to write books in her spare time. She originates from Planet Legendra, the place where people and dragons live in harmony. She is thought to have the power of fire.

Mian characters:

Spark: Spark is one of the main roles. The leader of the squad. Her soul orignates from the Dragons Flame. She is thought of as Sparkie’s twin. Spark;s best friend is Dewdrop. (Dew for short) She enjoys writing in her free times, and she likes to bettle with powers. Her power has reached a standard that is higher than the rest. Thought of as the Element Girl, Spark enjoys hanging with her friends. Sparks Standards have reached the top, because of the studying at Eltoria, she could defeat anyone easily……. She trains her friends to become stronger too!

Dew: One of the characters in the plays. Her best friend is Spark. She originates from Planet Magical Waters. She likes to be known as Dew, but her real name is Dewdrop. She hates the name Dewdrop, so she changed it. SHe is a princess, originating from the King and Queen of Magical Waters. Dew is kind to whom she likes, but can be dangerous when angry. She is thought as the element of Water.

Kenny: Kenny, another main character, likes to hang with his buds. Using fire in his face is an offense to him. He enjoys battling and leveling up. His power reaches to a normal standard, but his stats are quite amazing. When it comes to power, he’s number 2. He is always thought of the Earth Saga. He originates from La Terre Terre, the remains of an exploded earth. His friend, Spark, likes to call him Kenny the Kennel, and he owns a store called Kennel’s Kanal.

Hinners: A main character. Little is known about Hinners. He comes from Shadows Of Almania. He is the ruler there, and tends to call this planet his ‘home’. He enjoys playing with Spark and friends, but Kenny has made an offense to him. He is the saga of Necrom, also called Darkness. Hinners Is a very sporty and atheletic teen.

Characters Background Past:

Spark: Spark was named after a famous movie star, Sparkxia (Spark-See-Ah). Her real name is Sparkxie (Spark-see), but she hates that name, so she just shortened it into Spark. She originates from Legendra, and was always a loner. She seemed happy with her ways but her life was actually really troubled. It was good for 3 years, and her life burst into flames. She was desserted by her brother, who later dies of a sickness called ‘Amphrorous Flu’. After that, her parents left Legendra and had life at an unknown plannet, which later exploded. Spark was born in 1997. She always dreamt of going to Eletoria, a famous high school for Magix (which she later goes to). Spark is a saga, the elemental saga. She has a power that controls the weather. Spark is now a famous actress, writer, and inventor. She actually enjoys peaceful, dark and sad places. Legendra, her planet, has blown up, so she now rules over the burnt and desserted planet, Domino. It has always been called Sparks, but she preferred Domino. Spark doesn’t care for the environment much. Spark has the Dragons Flame, and was featured through season 1 to 3.

Dew: Dew, or Dewdrop, is the princess of Magical Waters. SHe was born in 1997. She was friendly, and had loads of friends. Dew has, or had an awesome life. She had known Kenny since they were 5, and Dew always ordered Kenny around. Dew was always thought of as the water saga. She enjoys attention, and ditches anyone who befriends her and then betrays. Dew always has it her way, and she always gets what she wants. Dew enjoys saving the environment. SHe was mad at Spark for trashing a small blue Tamagotchi when they were young.

Kenny: He always lived on La Terre Terre, a plannet he found and then took over. He was born in 1997. La Terre Terre is based on a french word, la terre, which means Earth in english. Kenny has met Dew when he was 5. Dew ordered him around, and if he didn’t do as told, he would get stepped on. Kenny enjoys loud and noisy environments. He cares about the environment a lot. Kenny is kind to almost everyone. He likes to play video games and with his friends. Kenny is the saga of the earth element.

Hinners: Hinners is a kid who joined in season 3. He also aired in season 1, play 2. He rules Shadows Of Almania, a plannet named after his favourite Pokemon Game.He was born in 1997. He tends to call this his house. Hinners dislikes Kenny, and always says to him, ‘how do you like them apples,’ and he likes to lasso things away. He is thought of as the saga of Darkness, and he also has a dark side. His dark side has damaged him when he was young, causing half of his power to weaken, and turning him into an aggressive person.

How they met: Dew and Kenny were students, and they’ve known each other since they were 5. They met Spark, who was pushy and aggressive. Here’s a little skit on how they mey.

Dew: hiya, Sparkxie!
Spark: Unless you live near a hospital, DO NOT say that again.
Kenny: Uhm, hi, Spark?
Spark: Whassup?
Dew: Spark?
Spark: WHAT!?
Kenny: We wanna ask you something.
Dew: Yeah.
Spark: Fire away, big mouth.
Dew: I’m gonna let you off with that.
Kenny: Wanna be friends?
Spark: Noooooooooo.
Dew: Come on!
Spark: I’m not gonna be bossed around!
Kenny: Then you be the leader!
Spark: Then bye! *walks away*
Dew: Let’s have a battle. WHo ever wins gets to be leadrer.
Spark: I never said I wanted to be in your little group.
Dew: you scared?
Spark: Do I hear a challange?
Kenny: YEAH!
Spark: FIne.
Kenny: Me first!
Dew: You’ll never beat me!!
Spark: We’ll see…..
Spark: *counter* *takes down*
Spark: *grins evily* Looks like I win……
Dew: I’m next!
Spark: Let’s go, Legend! *Summons dragon*
Spark: I win again. I’m leader.
Kenny: Alrighty!
Dew: No, I am! I’m princess of magicial waters, so I’m leader!
Spark: Then I WON’T be in your little group. *pulls out thick book* See ya.
Dew: Ugh. How stuck up.
Spark: *Throws Blue Tamagotchi shell away*
Kenny: Alright, I quit your little group, Dew! I’m in the loner/ reading club now, bye!
Spark: *reads*
Kenny: *reads*
Now, the three friends became tighter and tighter. Soon, they were unbreakable! And thats how SPark was the leader and not Dew or Kenny!
Hinners was joined when they decided to get a new friend. They found him, and Hinners whip creamed Kenny’s face! (this was announced in a PLAY!)
And thats how the four friends were together.

Character Information:

Origin: Legendra
Likes: Battling, riding skateboards, torturing Kenny, riding dragons
Extra info: Real Name: Sparkxie Type: Dragon Item: Power bracer

Origin: La Terre Terre
Likes: Being nice to people, playing with friends
Extra info: Real name: Kenny Kennel Ding He He was going to be called Kenny Kennel Ding He Swarvoskie Palowski Kevin Hammy, but…. it would never fit into any sign up sheets Type: Human Item:pan, pot, food

Origin: Shadows Of Almania
Likes: Lassoing, having fun, playing, torturing Kenny
Extra Info: Real Name: Matt Type: Gas Human Item: Lasso

Origin: Magical Waters
Likes: Playing, chatting, having fun, surfing
Extra info: Real Name: Dewdrop Type: Water Item: Soul Dew

Bad Characters/ Villains:

Ad: A peice of paper. His full name is called Ad on the bullitin board. But he shortened it into Ad on the board. Soon, he got tired of his long name, so he changed it into Ad. He used to like Cheerio, before be joined Team Ring. He is the male side of this team of villians. He is an evil dummy, and has the features that the whole team has: flat eyes and mouth, with a unibrow.

Cheerio: A girl shaped like a cheerio. She has all the team ring features,unibrow, flat eyes, mouth, and looks like garbage. People throw her in the trash mistaking her for litter. She used to like Ad before she joined Team Ring. She does not have a long name, but she has her own cereal, Crunchy oat CHEERIO’s and Huney Nut CHeerios.

Wrench: Little is known about him. He likes the girl wrench, and once joined Team ring, in a contest, and then quit, because the girl wrench got angry that he hung with ABA instead of her.

ABA: The leader of Team Ring. ABA used to like the wrench before the girl wrench came along. She now has a major crush on Kenny. She comes from BFT World, ABA land. Yes, she has her own square centimeter of land. It was rented by the BFTs, Chris and Monique. She has her own cereal, ABA Flakes. They tste like cardboard. She also owns her very own company called Club Ugly. It was called Club ABA, but she changed it, dues the the BFTs lack in appetite.

Supporting cast:

Chirs: Monique is her best friend. She lives in BFT World, and owns a company called The BFT OFSS. It used to be called Club Twin, but since ABA had a ‘club’ in her title too, they decided to change it. She dreams of becoming an actress, writer, and or inventor. She hopes the ride with her fave Pokemon, Arceus and Shaymin.

Monique: Chris Is her best friend. She originates from BFT World, and owns a populer store called The BFT OFSS. She and Chris work on this store together, making catalogs, and making a ton of money. She dreams of becoming an artchitect, designing places for people to live in all around BFT World.

Ninja Gal: A mythical Ninja. Her partner is DJ Cadence. She battles and takes on chalenges at her dojo. She owns a little store called, The Journey Of Ninja. She seeks becoming more powerful, and hopes to let people feel the joy of ninjas. She loves BFT Mags, by TTFPS.

DJ Cadence: A DJ named Cadence. She enjoys mixing music and singing. She owns a recording company, called BFT Tunes. She hopes that the world will enjoy her music, and that it will bring joy to everyone in th world. Her fave place to shop is the BFT OFSS.


TTFPS Staff in Cooperation with Sparkie87, Spark, Kenny, Hinners and Dew


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2 08 2009
Spark Fan

nice! I like Spark the best!

2 08 2009

Thanks, you!

2 08 2009

Oh, we added more, hurry and read it!

5 08 2009

Yup, it’s an awesome must-read for all TTFPS fans!

9 08 2009


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12 09 2009
Kenny Kennel

stop tryin to be me!

12 09 2009
Kenny Kennel


12 09 2009

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaHAHAHA u r hilarious! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! ha ha ha…… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……………………….. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sryy my bad… psh

12 09 2009


21 09 2009


27 09 2009

no offense and all but u spelled kennel wrong, its kennel, not kennal

12 09 2009

yo ppl you have to wait for bad charaters im up in my eyes with homework

14 01 2011

ohh yes. Grade 8

12 09 2009

it’ll be up peeps cya

27 09 2009

Tell us if we made any mistakes, okay? I know there are some with Kenny, but plz feel free to correct us, and give us your honest opinion, we need to see what we can improve on, so dont be shy, we will nt be offended.

27 09 2009

It’s supposed to be Scared, not sacred, in the skit part. Is that really how things happened?

27 09 2009

Thanks, I’ll have Spark fix that up in a jiffy! And in the play, that was what basically happned but we added and changed a few touches so it was more amusing

27 09 2009

Okay I;m on it. See any other mishaps? We’ll fix that up. Tell us when you find another, Thanks, -Spark-

27 09 2009

Nah, me and dew are best buds! hehe! 😉 no kidding there. even ask Dew

27 09 2009

Yup! BFTs!

30 09 2009

You guys are funny! 😀 Of course ur best buds! I’ll add that in the post, okay?

1 10 2009

Cya later, Dew! Gotta go do homework! Cya! 🙂

11 10 2009

Got that right, Shaymin(SF)!

12 10 2009
Shaymin (LF)


12 10 2009


18 10 2009

no offense but spark is really bossy… she always wants her way! NO OFFENSE, OK? NO OFFENSE!!!!!

30 10 2009

i love ur site so much im cryin’!!! 😀 lol jk jk jk!!! o wish dew would talk to me too!!

6 11 2009

lol… she wont, dun worry!!!!! LOL LOL LOL JKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJK

10 11 2009
Mini Shaymin


15 11 2009

lol!!!!!! heh… lol….. omg.. that is lol

15 11 2009

lol….. ok… what are we lol-ing about?

26 11 2009

It’s alright!!!

and spark im srry 4 using ur account mine didnt work

28 07 2010
play lover

lol cheerio XD

14 01 2011


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