Hi! Welcome to the Info Page. Here, you can find useful information about TTFPS! Here are some fun facts to get you started!

TTFPS was made in December, 2008, by Sparkie87. Back then, TTFPS was owned by another company, called Yup Yup Yup©. Soon, they got actors to play the parts of Dew, Kenny and Spark.

Soon, Yup Yup Yup© bought TTFPS as their own. Sparkie87 was not allowed to write plays anymore. Yup Yup Yup© had taken over. They made different plays, Season 2. But this season 2 is actually a fake.

After, the whole global world of Legendra had run against Yup Yup Yup©. They cast a vote to see which would tower over.

In the end, Yup Yup Yup© was beaten. Only 10 votes were seperated from the winner. TTFPS had won over. They started season 2, with brand new characters, such as, Cyrus, Dawn, and X Dawn. They had many adventures.

This is when Hinners comes into the story. That was a start of season 3. There was Kenny, Spark, Dew, and Hinners, making a perfect quad. TTFPS was not changed into The Four Friends Play Series, beacuse they wanted to see if the audience would buy Hinners.

In fact, everyone was happy that another person joined in.

There were other play, such as Dew and Spark Play Editions. That WAS NOT season 4. In fact, season 4 was only to be made if all four of the friends were in the same home room.

There were also limited edition plays, such as Play number 4, and these, once again, ARE NOT season 4 plays.

Now you learned the whole story of TTFPS. Yup. It’s great.

Series 4 is now made, because, the origonal, Dew, Spark and Kenny, were in the same class. So, with those tears of hope, Sparkie87 sets off in a new world of plays!


TTFPS owns a series of companies, but the actors and play writers do what they do at will. They were never forced to do anything, everything was done at their own hearts.

Poffin House Books: Sparkie owns this little company of TTFPS, it provides books. It has many fiction books, such as:

The Group Who Discovered Time (series) Ths series goes back in time, when nobody knew anything about time. It’s up to the two friends, Shiron and Crystal, to discover the time gears, before… someone else does.

The Sagas : All these books talk about how the Sagas met and became sagas, and theor background past.
-A Tale Of Dew
-The ‘Tail’ of Spark
-A Tale of kenny
-The Tale of Elecxia
-The tale of Shiron

The Tale of Foxie: This book taks about a fox-girl named Foxie, and her life as a school student, the troubles, and how her life was.

All these books are recent releases. Please comment if you would like one of these books posted or sent to you, please comment the bookyou want posted or sent. Leave your email adress that will be taken out by one of the staff.

Here are some other fun facts!

-Spark, Dew, and Hinners have actually parted with Kenny!
-Kenny joined Team Ring!
-More to come!

Here are some tip top secrets! Be careful with them!

-ABA T. Booth actually has a crush on Kenny!
-Spark’s inner personality is pushy and aggresive!
-Dew has actually worked for Necrom in the past
-Kenny secretly wishes Hinners would be his friend!
-Ad likes Cheerio!
-ABA loves to snort while she eats apples!
-Spark’s BEST FRIENDS are ALL the the four friends! Even Kenny!
-Hinners’ plannet was named after a game
-kenny once had a ‘follower’
-Dew sneezes once close to weeds!
-Spark is VERY pushy and aggressive!
-Spark once killed a cute little rabbit by glaring at it!
-Dew acts like she hates Kenny, but she actually likes him as a friend!
-Hinners wishes that he was from Legendra so he could get his own Dragon!
-Spark’s real name is…… wait for it…. Sparkxie! (Spark-see)
-Kenny is called Kenny the Kennel!
-Hinners’ favourite quote is: How do you like them apples? and Lasso away!

In the real world, The TTFPS Group are actually real friends. Dew, Kenny and Spark used to just be a trio, but then, when Spark got a spot next to Hinners, and saw the following words: Laffy Taffy, things got carried away. Spark was planning on playing with Dew, but didn’t have a ploblem with Hinners tagging along.

Their real names were never revealed, but in the real world, Kenny was similar to his real name, and so is Hinners. Spark likes to be related to fire and Dragons, and Dew is related to water and serpents.


Q: How did you come up with the name of your website?

A: Well, the website is: and this is how we came up with the name. Well, the original series was printed on paper. Since there was only three people in the beginning of the series, it was named The Three Friends Play Series. It was quite long so they shortened it to TTFPS. When they started this website 6 months later, they decided that this site would be called TTFPS, a site dedicated for themselves. We also thought of using these names, but then again, we chose !

-thefourfriends )we have four friends in our series)

-playplacetffps (since ttfps was meant for a place for plays)

-ttfps101 (101… that’s catchy!)

-ttfpsluvers (Love for our site)

-ttfpsily (ILY means I love you)

-tffpsrox (TTFPS DOES rock in its own way)

Well, hope we answered your question, if not, tell us and be more specific, bye!

Q: How was TTFPS made?

A: Well, Sparkie87 was inspired by the friend’s game. Kenny had made up his own slogan. It was really funny, so that inspired Sparkie87 to write everything down on the paper. Well, not everything, but mostly everything. She added funny touches to the character and added in a narrator. She thought that it kind of looked like a show. She brought it to the three friends, and they all loved it! That inspired Sparkie87 to create more plays, to have fun with her pals. Thus, TTFPS was born!

Q: Why does Dew like ham so much?

A: Because 13 years ago, Dew was born in water and the first thing she saw when she opened her watery eyes, was a giant peice of ham! She took a bite and fell in love with it!

Q: What is Kenny’s favorite food?

A: Kenny likes ham alot too! He likes chip, ham, cake, brownies and lots of ribs! He likes alot of food, especially the Tree Crisps his nature club makes for him!!

Q: Everyone’s a critic of something, what is Spark a critic of?

A: Well, Spark loves the environment, so I guess she’s an environment freak, like Dew and Kenny. Spark is especially obsessed with the nature everywhere. She hates pollution and has a soft spot for wasting things. She doesn’t like throwing things out. She’d be sad that something’s going to go to waste, and help pollute the Earth even more. Sparks moral is: help shape tomorrows environment today, and There’s so much pollution that there’d be no place to put it if it weren’t for our lungs. So basically, most of TTFPS are nature critics.

Q: What is Hinners’ hobby?

A: I would say lassoing! There’s not much to say about that… he also likes to say “muddle’ a lot. Thanks to a sixth grade art teacher, he became obsessed with the word lasso and began to say that a lot. He was really obsessed with it, so he began trying to actually lasso. It was a total blast. He’s been lassoing ever since, and every time we see him, he has a different lasso in his hand or bag.

Q: Why was TTFPS made, and what was the use for it? (Asked by Phil)

A: If you mean the plays, it was used for fooling around/ playing around with. Anyhow, this site was established in 2009 to become a widely known source of media. There isn’t exactly a reason why…. Sparkie87 just felt like it… The use? Well, there are many uses. It’s for actors and actresses all around the world to act using the play scripts. (Don’t worry, we’ll put it up soon) Another reason is because since the first play ever made was such a success, Sparkie87 decided to create more for the viewers to come see and more for the three friends to act using. If you want more information on this, then scroll up or look for the question: How was TTFPS made? or email us for further details.

Q: Was the battle of Spark and Dew real?

A: Of course not! There’s not exactly a leader in our little group. Everyone is just friends with one another. The reason why Spark acts like the leader is because she was born bossy! (Don’t tell her I said that.) But anyways, Spark has acted as the one who sets things right for the crew. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is still pals, and nothing will ever change that! “Even though we’re off to high school we’ll never forget our amazing sixth grade adventures, when TTFPS was first made! We will always remember how this started, with a play writer, her friends and a commercial.”

TTFPS Staff & Sparkie87, Spark, Kenny, Hinners and Dew


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1 08 2009
Tama Gurl

I love this site!

2 08 2009

Thanks, Tama Gurl!

1 08 2009
Spark Fan

AWESOME! I never knew that ABA had a crush on Kenny!

2 08 2009

Tee hee! Well, beleive it or not, but it’s true! That secret was revealed in a play!

11 09 2009


12 09 2009

yo kev or ken or ill shut up now r sooooooooooo anoying psh i didnt even get that

12 09 2009


12 09 2009

yo u r weird i dont get u! :/ and u r a phony, only Kenny Kennel is real, he works here, immatater! i like pie! psh!!! 🙂

12 09 2009

kev is kennys imatater and ken cuts hair

12 09 2009

hey sparkie here do i even know you

13 09 2009
Kenny Kennel


13 09 2009


1 08 2009

I thought Dew and Spark were the only Best Friends

2 08 2009

Well, think again!

30 07 2010
site lover

they ARE best friends but then spark just loves all of the TTFPS gang

30 07 2010


2 08 2009

Yup, theses are hilariously hilarious, right? We ADDED more! Hurry and check ’em out!

2 08 2009

I love your gravatar!

4 08 2009

Uhm, thanks?

16 08 2009

Your welcome!

12 09 2009

psh ur weird! lol jk jk

14 09 2009

lasso all away

25 10 2009

PSH, quit that!!!!!!!!!

30 10 2009

love ur site visit everyday

3 07 2010

thx (:

27 07 2010

My question: Why was TTFPS made, and what for?

27 07 2010

Good question! We’ll add that on ASAP

30 07 2010
site lover

wow spark actually considers kenny as her close friend… thats surprising

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