Hi! here, all of the Staff are posted.

TTFPS Staff: A single account that manages this site.

Sparkie87: The creator of TTFPS

Spark: Part of the Staff. Will post most of the updates.

Kenny: Part of the Staff. Will answer any questions.

Dew: A part of the Staff. Will approve or disaprove suggestions.

Hinners: Part of the Staff. Will help visitors around.

Want a job? Fill in the forum and email it to or just comment it here!

1) What job do you want?

2) Have you worked for any other sites? If so, which ones?

3) Are you a responsible person? Like, will you put posts late?

4) Why should we hire you?

5) What is your wordpress account, name (the one you want to be addressed by)  and E-mail.

Thank you! Please send the questionaire to or just comment right here! We’ll be hiring a few people a month, so be honest, because there’s always next time!

IF you advertise us, we really appriciate it. Thanks. and if you do, send us your site, or comment it right here, and we’ll add YOU!

TTFPS Staff & Sparkie87, Spark, Kenny, Hinners and Dew


21 responses

28 09 2009

Queastions is supposed to be questions

28 09 2009

Thank you! (lasso away)

6 10 2009

Tsk. Stop lassoing everyone away! XD

21 10 2009

whose skater girl, i like dew better, dew is WAYYYY BETTER!!!!!!!

15 11 2009

keep on ttfps-ing, u guys r sick! (in a good way)

1 08 2010

thanks, alexia

15 11 2009


22 10 2009

thats better, dew rox

1 08 2010

Awwww, that’s so sweet, thankyou!

30 10 2009

jst sayin’ whoop!!

5 11 2009

whee my fave wesite 😀

1 08 2010

thanks, doug! We appreciate you visiting! 🙂

14 11 2009

i like your site 🙂

14 11 2009

Thanks for visiting, all! (:

27 07 2010

ur site rox! i luv the characteristic u put for dew! lols! so… i have a question…. why was ttfps made?

27 07 2010

I don’t know, maybe you could mail us about it or post it on the info section~!

30 07 2010
kenny's fan

whoo! go kenny

30 07 2010
Hinner's lasso

nice! go hinners, keep right on lassoing!!

4 08 2010

I’m sure Hinners would be happy to hear that!

30 07 2010
site lover

nice site

1 08 2010

thanks, site lover! 😀

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