Fun Stuff

Dew:  Hey there! Welcome to “Fun Stuff”, I’m really happy you’re here!  Thank you for giving it a shot! One more thing, I’m Dew! Everyone else is currently stuffing their face with ham!

Spark: (Gobble gobble) IT IS NOT HAM!!! IT’S BROWNIES!!!

Dew: Whatever, ok, so this page basically has lots of fun things to do. If you are bored, come here, there will be some riddles, jokes and maybe even personality tests here (and more)! Sometimes, if you have a good riddle or joke, submit it! Comment us and tell us, we will read it then post it up on this page, we will mention your name (not real name) and you can be a star!! Also, no inappropriate jokes or riddle will be allowed!

Kenny: (Gobbles brownie…Swallow..Gulp!)  Aaahhhhh….Yum!

Dew: ……..Uumm…Kay, well, bye!

Hinners: Ba!

Dew: Ba?!

Spark: I’m eating!!

Dew: Okay…Oh! One more thing, sometimes our riddles don’t have answers, if you think you know the answer, comment us and if you are the first one to answer, we’ll put your name up on our “Weekly Winners” list!


1. A man gave his daughter a gift for her birthday, why did his daughter kick it?

2. People were crossing the road, a train driver wanted to cross, but didn’t wait for the people to finish crossing, he just went ahead, why?


1. What do you get when you cross Spark with her worst ememy?  Answer: A burnt telephone!! (Team ring sucks!)

2. Dew loves nature, lakes and rivers so when she met her friend, instead of “What are you doing?” she said ______________.  Answer: Wat-er you doing?

Personality test (Please answer honestly or the answer won’t be true to you):

Nice or Mean?

1. A friend of yours is the most hated person in the school, but he/she is one of your good friends. People say if you hangout with him/her, you’ll become the most hated person too, what do you do?

a) I don’t care, go ahead, hate me everyone! But I will stand up for my friend and like her forever!!!
b) Ok, I will talk to that person and be nice, but tr to stay away sometimes…I will still chat and talk, but…Yeaa….Buh-bye!
c) Whatever, he/she has other friends too, well, I’ll just do what others are doing, and soon, he/she will start sticking on to someone else.
d) What? I’m trying to be popular, get away from me, gosh! Ew, I don’t need a loser bring me to a lower level, I only accept cool kids, back off!

2. Your friend is very very very sick, if you go near him/her, you have achance of being VERY VERY sick too, what will you do?

a) Aw…I don’t care, I’ll get her some cake and a card and visit him/her and make him/her feell better, even if it means I might die!
b) Rats! Well, I’m sorry for him/her, I’ll get them a “Get Well Soon” card and find a mask, wear it and go visit him/her and make him/her feel better.
c) Ok, I’ll just call her say “Get well!” leave and tell my friends to do that. But like seriously, why can’t he/she just take care of him/herself, OMG!
d) Oh my gosh! Hahahahahahahaha, so sad!! Hahahahah LOL, too bad loser, why don’t you just wash your hands more with soap! Hahahahaha!!

3. Your best friend is becoming very annoying, they are weird, embarrasing and very very bothersome, what will you do?

a) I don’t care, I will accept the way he/she is, and make her feel good about him/herself and thell him/her to be proud of how different they are!
b) Ok….Let’s have a talk about this, I’ll try to change them and make them less…Weird and if it doesn’t work, I guess we could just be…Friends..
c) Okay, gross, ok, I’ll tell them to look at themselves in the mirror and tell them to change. omg, eww!
d) EW EW EW!! Stay away, I don’t need a pig…Gross, okay, I’m gonna find someone cooler than them and please stay at least a meter away!

Sorry people, this is not finished because KENNY says the server is broken…. well, technical difficulties I guess!

Can Spark jump higher than a lighthouse????
A: Yup. Lighthouses can’t jump!

Hinners: Do you have holes in your socks?
Hinners: Then how do you get your feet into them?

Dew: I’m gonna go into a changeroom in that shop over there to throw a temper tantrum.
Spark: Um… why?
Dew: Isn’t that a great place for fits??

Why didn’t Kenny and Dew have fun during the ski trip?
A: Cause they were snow-bored-ing

Dew went to get hot chocolate. When she arrived at the store she bought 1 cup of hot chocolate. She met Spark there, but when they sat down Spark’s drink fell over, getting the table all wet. Yet was was not any hot chocolate in sight. Why is this??
A: Her cup was filled with tea.

What do you call a pretty girl who always slips on the ice??
A: Slipping Beauty

Whats black and white and goes around and around?????
A: A panda bear/penguin stuck in a chairlift.

What did Dew say to the librarian after leaving her books in the rain?
A: Sorry, my books are over-dew.

Hinners: My foots asleep. -.-
Kenny: I’ll talk very quietly.

These are ALL property of TTFPS!

Stick Ons

Print out some of your favourite pictures. Stick tape at the back, and place them anywhere! Ideal for gifts, lockers, tables, books and more! Stick them to any surface, and they stay!

Make your Own Plays

Pick out your characters (your cast), and make sure everyone is happy with what they have. Here are a few tips from Sparkie87!
-Make your play interesting to watch
-make sure that it has a topic, not just mumbo jumbo
-ivide your plays into sections (scence one, scene two)
-Make actions for your characters. Put them like this: (faint) or *faint*
Give your play a name. (Apples, Apple Play etc.) Just like naming a story. Make sure your title matches with your play!

Make your own story

If you want to be like Sparkie87, then you must make your own stories! Here are some tips:
– act like the character whose telling the story (if it’s of ______’s point of veiw)
-DO NOT BE YOURSELF. You have to think like the character. Act like them, something that’s probaly not you.
– Take your time
– People prefer quality (how good it is) than quantity (how long/ much)

To be a good writer, all you have to do is imagine -Sparkie87


Friendship: True friendship is when two friends walk in opposite directions, yet remain side by side.

We will post one quote per week, but the old ones will alsi be veiwable. Comment what you want the quote to be for. If the votes are tied, we will post both of those topics, and if you don’t choose, then we will pick randomly!!!

Want some random things?????? Here ya go, a random quiz, about club penguin! How random! If you get all correct answers, you could possibly win something!!!!

1)What is Pinguisol’s nickname?

a) Pinguin

b) Ping

c) Pingu

2)Why is Pinguisol a name?

a) Pingui is for penguin Sol is for sun

b)Pingu is because she likes the show isol is for nothing

c)It’s a game, who cares what your name is, its not like you have to put your real name

3)What do we usually use to comunicate?

a) short form

b) slang

c) both

4)What language does Pinguisol speak?

a) spanish

b) french

c) other

5)Where is Pinguisol from?

a) France

b) Spain

c) China

6)What does Pinguisol call me?




7)Me and Pinguisol are

a) friends

b) good friends

c) best friends


8)Pinguisol is:

a) mean

b) kind

c) nice

d) weird

9)How would I descrbe Pinguisol?





10)What do me and Pinguisol say when we leave?

a) bye bye

b) bye bff, hugs


d) See ya later!!

Mail all your answers to us!! (just type in a), b) or c) and the question number!! eg. 1) c)!) Good Luck!

One Pokemon Personality Test, coming right up!!!

Crystal Test

What are Pokémon to you?

What helps you to win battles?

What kind of trainer do you wish to battle?
Weak person
Tough person

What is most important for raising Pokémon?

Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. Which is more important?

Mail me for your results and tell me the answers you have chosen!!!!

At the mail us column….. DO NOT COPY THIS!! I REPEAT PLEASE DO NOT COPY THIS!! IT TOOK ME A LONG TIME TO PUT THIS TOGETHER! or, you could comment your answers here!

here’s a personality test….. fresh from my computer….

– It’s for girls, but guys can try it out too:

What’s your photo personality?

1. Which of these is most likely to be on your bedroom pinboard?
a) your “Girls Only” card
b) a pic. of your pet
c) a vacation postcard

2. Which school subject are you best at?
a) English
b) Science
c) Art

3. It’s your best friend’s birthday, what do you buy her?
a) a pretty friendship bracelet
b) a cute kitten-shaped purse
c) a funky, unusual hat

4. What’s your dream vacation?
a) staying at a theme parl with your pals
b) going on a safari in Africa
c) a shopping trip in New York

5. What’s your favorite kind of TV show?
a) soap operas and reality programs
b) wildlife documentaries and nature shows
c) travel shows, or anything with a glamorous location

Ok, be sure you answered all questions, here are the answers:

If you got mostly A’s:
You’re great at snapping pics. of people, whether it’s your friends pulling their best pouts or your family fooling around. Outgoing, chatty, and super-chilled, everyone loves to pose for your cool photos. You’d make a great…fashion or wedding photographer.

If you got mostly B’s:
You’re brilliant at taking pics. of animals, whether they’re cute and friendly family pets or outdoor creatures in the wild. Calm, patient, and a total nature girl, you bring out the best in all your amazing animal photos. You’d make a great…wildlife photographer.

If you got mostly C’s:
You’re brilliant at taking pics. of places and events, whether it’s beautiful beaches, cool cityscapes, or amazing rock concerts. Clever, creative, and super-stylish, your unique way of looking at the world makes for truly cool photos. You’d make a great…travel or magazine photographer.

You have been hired to go on a mission, assigned by Hinners, superdectective!!

Spark: So, I know I’m not supposed to be here but…
Hinners: Yea???
Spark: Err… just to give you some tips:
-wehn you least expect it expect it!
-if something is strange, go over it again!
-be cautious, even the smallest thing could be the biggest clue!
-if you discover something, report it to Hinners!!!
Hinners: I taught you all that. -_-
Spark: eh… heh…. well, gotta go eat ham!!!
Hinners: Here is your first mission…. good luck


Hey… guess what??? Starting now, you’re a detective. 1, 2, 3, BEGIN! Try and get as much money as the game offers. No cheating, or this test won’t work. COUNT YOUR RETRIES

START: You’re on a mission. You boss says to investigate a mall. Where do you check first???
a) Bathrooms (go to 1)
b) Stores (go to 2)
c) Mysterious Hallway (go to 3)

1) You notice nothing suspicious. Only a smear of red was left on the walls. You:
a) Investigate the bathroom again (go to 1)
b) check out the wall smear (go to 5)
c) Get out of the mall (go to 6)

2) Nothing special.
Go back to START

3) You are forbidden to go that far. You:
a) Check the bathrooms (go to 1)
b) Check the stores (go to 2)
c) Mysterious hallways again (go to 4)

4) The boss gets fed up with your ambitiousness and lets you in. You:
a) check the door on the left (go to 8 )
b) go into the door on the right (go to 9)
c) keep walking (go to 7)

5) you see the smear and touch it. suddenly, you get warped!!!! Go to 9)

6) GAME OVER!! Go to START and pick again!!

7) It’s a dead end. You go back:
a) into the left door (go to 8 )
b) into the right door (go to 9)
c) run away (go to START)

8 ) you fall into a trapdoor: You Lose!!

9) You see an open window. You:
a) Look out of it (go to 10)
b) Explore the room (go to 11)
c) Walk away (go to 8 )

10) you see a person dangling from the edge of the window!! what do you do???
a) help them (go to 12)
b) report to Hinnners immediately!! (go to 13)
c) slam them hard so they fall (go to 14)

11) You see mysterious footprints that lead to the window. You walk over to the window (go to 10)

12) You try and help the person, but you fall too. YOU LOSE!! (pick another path at START)

13) You reported to Hinners. Hinners told you to use your spy gear and help the person. What do you use???
a) Laser (go to 16)
b) rope (go to 15)
c) your hand (go to 12)

14) you slam the person. They fall hard onto the ground. MISSION FAILED!!! Go back to START.

15) the rope lands near the person. They grab on. They’re quite heavy, but you manage. You have rescued the person. When you went back to Hinners, he gave you $300. You had to give 50% of the money to the detective office. You made $150 profit. Not a lot, but you still passed!

16) you use your laser, and it turned into a net. You netted up the person, and saved their life. After reporting to Hinners, you passed!! He gave you extra money for using the least most obvious tool you had. YOU WIN, AND GOT $400! You had to give a quarter of your money to the detective office. You have made $300 of profit! Congrats from Hinners!

If you got:
0-5 retries, you are an EXCELLENT DETECTIVE!! You are great on your own! Keep practicing and your skills will always be good to use!

6-10 retires, you are a GOOD detective. You’re pretty good, but try and ease off the nervousness. To be a detective you have to be ready and quick on your feet!

11-15 retries, you are an OKAY detective. You’re getting there!! Keep going!

16+ retries, ouch. You really need help. Ask Hinners for ideas and tips, keep working on it!!!

1) Solved by: zoeyy! Congratulations, zoeyy, you’re the first one to answer this correctly!
2) Unsolved. be the first to solve it and you get your name up here!

TTFPS Staff in cooperation with Spark, Dew, Hinners and Kenny


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15 10 2009

srry for my mean comment b4… this is SICK!!!! ilove it 😀

25 10 2009

It’s okay. When you’re a guest, all your comments are welcome here! 😉

30 10 2009

whoop dee doo

4 12 2009

k?????? lol

30 07 2010
site lover

i guess charlie is a fan too 😀

27 07 2010

i think number 1 is: the girl kicked it because it was a soccer ball

27 07 2010

Good job, we’re going to post you on our weekly winners list!

27 07 2010

yay!!!! 😀

30 07 2010
site lover

congrats zoeyy, u got ur name on a fmous site :O

27 07 2010

loool…. the mystery thing is so confusing and fun 🙂

28 07 2010

LOL, thanks!

30 07 2010
site lover

i agree with MOI!! LOL im a horrible detective though XD

4 08 2010

Seek Hinners for more advice 😉 Even if you’re an awesome detective, some advice never hurts.

28 07 2010
play lover

im gonna comment 20 times for no reason…. no nvm i dun wanna spam u lool

28 07 2010
play lover

but then again…. I LUV UR SITE

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lol right back at u play lover!! TTFPS rox!!! wats ur email? i’ll give u mine!
@sparkie87, please edit my email out one play lover has read it
@play lover, comment when u hav read my email and msg me asap

30 07 2010
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@site lover i got ur email, ill mail u asap

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Thanks! Happy you took the time to comment!!!!! So tell me, what’s your favorite thing about TTFPS and what can we improve on?

28 07 2010
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❤ ❤ ❤ ur site rox, i bet its gonna go down in historyy

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Awww, thanks, Play Lover!!!!! You rock too!!!!

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😀 o0 well… ill stop spamming u now! bye1 please email me!!!!!! my email is: (EDITED OUT BY SPARKIE87)

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