Spark: Err……. is the server fixed??
Kenny: Hmm… *tweak* Yup!!
Dew: Let’s get this story page up and going!!!

Spark: Hey guys! This is the “Stories” page!!! Take it away Dew!


Spark: …Uhh…..I said………….TAKE IT AWAY DEW!!!!!!!!!

Dew: (Eats hams…)….OH!……..Oh! I’m on, I’m on, kay, okay, okay!

Spark: …..Tsk tsk (Shakes head)…

Dew: Sorry, so caught up in eating ham, it’s good…Did you know, when you mix orange juice and ham….


Dew: Sorry! Okay, so the “Stories” page is a place where we tell stories, a place where we make up funny, weird, sad, scary or even random stories! You can read them, or even help us! Sometimes, we have no ending, so that’s when you come in!! Every week, we will have a special story that’s “Ending-less” so you just comment any ending you like, we read all of them, choose the best and use it, we will publish your name (Not real name) and you can be one of our stars! How’s that?

Spark: Great job Dew and thank you! Well…She said it all, so have fun!

Dew: And sometimes, this website gets a little busy so there might not be stories EVERY SINGLE week, but we’ll try!  So…

Spark: Yea…That’s true, anyways, enjoy and please we beg you…COMMENT US PELASE!!!!!!!!!!


Spark: Why are you yelling??

Dew: Oops…I dunno, well, bye!

Spark: Byesss!!!! Oh and by the way, the characters in this story are distant relatives of us! If you want more information of them, please comment and ask! Okay… bye! Enjoy!

STORY: The Night…    By: Spark (Note to reader: Sorry if it haunts you to death. Read at your own risk. Not recommended for lamps under the age of 3)

It was a cold, cold night, on October 31st in a small town named Shon in Toronto. One of the coldest ever, it was dark, quiet and the ground was ever so forzen. It was  so quiet, if you stepped on a small twig, you would wake up someone 250 meters away. It was a night unlike any other…And this night, young 12 year old Matt and his twin brother Nat were out to camp. They got out at 7:30p.m. they just finished their dinner eating noodles and ham and now, they headed out to their backyard and set up the tent. The had a dark, navy blue tent to prevent shadows from appearing to the ghosts, they carried 3 flashlights, 14 bags of “Ole-Maddie’s Chips”, a plate of 15 cookies, 4 bottles of fresh spring water, a radio, 2 sleeping bags, 2 walkie-talkies with built-in GPS’s, a teddy bear and a toy monkey!

Matt bent down to get started on putting up the tent. “Look, Matt, I don’t think we should do this, the ghosts might come and…Well..” Nat stammered as he held on tight to his teddy bear. He looked around the backyard, saw nothing but black and then looked back to Matt. “Listen, okay? No ghosts will come, they don’t exsist, they’re fake, fake, fake, fake! Okay? Gosh, you’re going to ruin this whole night! And if anything happens we’ll just run back in the house, okay?” replied Matt as he used the hammer and loudly whacked the nailed down to the hard ground. Matt was the kind of brave and cool guy, he always tried to prove a point, but at the end, he is usually proven wrong! Nat, on the other hand, was usually chilled and cool too, he has a few fears like heights, dark, ghosts, monters, devil, vampires, warewolves and cats. “But, I mean, it’s Halloween and people are out to scare us and it’s a full moon and…And…” Nat was really worried, but Matt just told him to get lost and come back when he decides to finally relax.

The boys finished fixing up the tent and dumped all their stuff inside and went back inside the house to play video games until 9:30. At 9:45p.m., the boys told theior parents they were going and they jumped out into the backyard carrying their portable game systems called “S.D.S.” which stands for Skai’s Double Screened. Since Matt and Nat’s last name was Skai and they had a genius dad, they invented a new game system. So the boys left and headed to their tent, they played their SDS and connected. They laughed, played, fighted a little and stuffed themselves with chips until 10:00p.m. At 10:00, they both agreed to go to bed and wake up tomorrow riding their bikes to their friend Taylor’s house.

“Still scared Nat?” teased Matt laughing. “NO! I’m not scared, now shush…Sleep..” The two brothers, shut their eyelids and eventully snoozed off. They snored and dreamt about girls they crushed on at school. Nat dreamt about Spark and Matt dreamt about Dew. During their sleep, outside their tent something was going on. The night was mysterious and dark, and since Nat and Matt were heavy in their dreams, they hadn’t realized that every 5 minutes, someone screamed or screeched at the top of their lungs! The moons shone bright, reflected the light onto the tent of the boys. Rumors say, every October 31st, if the moon was full, the ghost of the town of Shon would come out and haunt everyone who didn’t believe in him. They say that the ghost was name Bill Vince Bob Leo Jerry Logan Garret and he was once mayor of this once nice town. Bill’s birthday was the same day as Halloween and so every year, his friends and family would say “Candy is your gift” and every year he grew older, he got no gift excpet for the treats he collected himself. He grew mad then one day, on his 31st birthday, he died in a mysterious accident. His friends and family burried his body and instead of flowers and fruits they threw him candy. Lollipops, chocolates, caramels and more. 2 halloweens later, there had been reported sighting of mysterious disappearance of children and adults. The people of the town realized every year, there was a full moon on halloween, people who didn’t believe in Bill or people who ate too much candy and even people gave out candy, would end up…Gone.

Matt and Nat heard of this beofre, but Matt ignored it. Nat believed it was true because the believe that if he didn’t believe it, he would disappear and since he did believe it, he believed it. Matt laughed and insulted Nat for his behaviour, but every year on October 31st, it would be a hard night for Nat.

Matt and Nat slept and the screaming and screeching conitunued, no one bothered to do something about it, or discover what was causing it. Some people living in the same house as the people screaming would hide their worried faces under their blankets. Mr. and Mrs. Skai heard it, but they thought it was just Matt and Nat fighting or playing a prank. It was 1:00a.m., Matt slept for a while longer, but soon, the screaming woke him. He was startled and first. He heard the scream and nudged Nat. “Nat! Nat, buddy, did you hear that” Matt whispered leaning closer and closer to Nat. Nat just turned over and ignored his brother, Matt was well-known for playing pranks or Nat. “Nat! I’m serious, I swear to Dew, no joke!” and suddenly, Nat woke. “What did you say?” Nat whispered quickly. “I said wake up, I swear this is not a prank, listen, I was dreaming about…….Certain……………Things……But then I heard a loud-”…Before Matt could finish, another loud, loud scream was let out. “Ah!” Nat exclaimed “What was that, wat did you do? Did you purposely leave the TV on inside the house and put in the movie ’Scream’?” Nat asked, he was a little frighten, but he was 80% sure it was Matt’s prank. “NO!” Matt said “I swear to my beloved Dew! It’s not a prank, every few minutes, I heard a scream, a loud, horrifying screech like…like…..” Matt froze, he was too scared to continue “Maybe it’s…No….It can’t be” whispered Nat “What? What can’t be?” wonder Matt, staring into Nat’s shaking eyes. There was a moment of silence. ”Bill…” Nat finally said “He’s back…”

The boys looked down and completely forze, no movements, nothing but blinking and breathing. For 3 minutes the boys stared at their sleeping bags, motionless. then Nat stood up. “What are you doing?” asked Matt surprised. “I’m going…” Nat replied. “What?!? No! It’s…It’s too dark and, we might wake up mom and dad, and you know how cranky dad can be at 1:15 in the morning…Heh heh, I mean-” Matt tried to giggle, but he couldn’t, Matt never believed in all this Bill haunting the town thing and other nonsense, but now, he was beginning to. “I’ll be okay” Nat said, he grabbed a flashlight and headed outside, he slowly unzipped the tent, and laid he left foot on the bare and cold grass. Another huge scream camefrom about 6 houses down from the twin’s, the scream tingled Nat and Matt, it was loud and terrifying!  ”NO! Nat! No! I can’t let you, don’t go please stay, no!” Matt, grabbed his brother’s foot, yanked him back and zipped back the tent. “Why? I thought you didn’t believe in all this.” Nat sat back down and turned o the flashlight so get a better view of his brother’s worried face. “I know, I made fun of you, but I believe in it now!”
“Why so sudden?”
“I’m just scared you’ll be in danger, your my brother Nat, I can’t take chances”
“Thanks I didn’t know you actually cared so much”
“I DO! Don’t worry, I’m older by 8 minutes..”
“So…I’ll go.” Matt grabbed the flashlight from Nat’s hand and he slowly stood up, he took a deep breath, put on his shoes and unzipped the tent once again. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” a voice of a women’s, a voice so high pitched, Nat imagined it could have broken the glass vase inside their house, in the basment, bubble-wrapped and packed in a box that was in the closet.

“NO! Matt, let’s just stay here and go back to bed” Nat shouted almost crying
Matt was tearing up too. “It’ll be okay little brother, I promise I’ll be back” and Matt stepped out of the tent and unzipped the tent leaving only Nat inside it. “Stay safe Nat…Stay safe” he whispered, then ran off.
“Matt….No! Please, Matt come back it could be more than we think, lets just go back in the house!” Nat cried out, but Matt didn’t hear him, he had already left. “Nooo……….”

Nat sat alone, wondering when Matt will return then suddenly a scream so loud came, it made Nat scream back and he leaped back into his sleeping bag crying.  He cried out for Matt, he sobbed hard. It was 1:45a.m. and still no sight of his brother. Nat was too terrified that another scream would come so he put on his headphones and listen to the radio. As the music played, Nat wodnered and worried more and more. What happened to him? Nat thought Oh no! Bill got him already, I’m too late! NO NAT! NO! Stop this negative thinking!! Your brother is out there alone and you are in here crying, be a man, go out!! Nat looked around and saw the walkied talkies they had brought out. “Hey!” Nat said to himself “Matt took one”. Nat removed the headphones from his ear and turned off the radio, he grabbed the other walkied talkie in his hand and pressed the little green button on the side of the talkie, “H-hello? Uhh…M-Matt? Over??” There was no reply, then a soft whistle came from the the walkie talkie…It was Matt”
“Hey! Nat, you okay, anything wrong back at the tent? Over to Nat.” Asked Matt
“MATT! Oh, I’m so glad you’re safe! Over.”
“I’m so glad you werre smart enough to realized I took one of the talkies, I was going to come back to tell you, but I had already ran too far. I would have messaged you earlier on the talkie, but I didn’t want to startle you. Over”
“Don’t worry about me, nothing here, I’m fine, what about you? Over.”
“I’m okay, I heared 16 more screams, did you? Over.”
“Really? Please don’t try to scared me…Over.”
“Okay fine…I heard 15 actaully, but did you hear them? Over.”
“No…I was listening to music…Over.”
“Good, they were so scary, I almost fainted when I heared the 7th one. So what song did you lisetn to? Over.” Matt asked trying to change the topic and cool off his horrified brother
“Nat? What song did you listen to? Back to you Nat.”
“Firefly, Best friend song, Henry Chow’s rap…Uhh…”
“Nat..Nat, that’s cool, but now I need you brains to help me. Over.”
“W-what? O-o-over.”
“I found a trail of candy…Leading me to Mrs.Chow’ house, remember? Mrs.Chow, the lady with the cool glasses? Good friends with our  mom…? Over.”
“Oh! Oh…Yea…Yea…I know……Well? O-over.”
“I followed the path and there was a sign on her door, it said ‘Sorry, no candy’, what does that mean? Is it some kind of joke? Over.”
“Maybe she just didn’t want kids knocking on her door asking for treats. Over.”
“And I forgot to tell you, someone replied her. Over”
“Huh? What do you mean? Over to you Matt.
“At the bottom of the note, printed in red, it said ‘No candy, no life!’ So……”
Nat gasped loudly. “W-what?? O-over”
“Yup, I’ll bring the note home to investigate!”
“Matt, it’s 2:27a.m. come back before something happens to you”
“Look, don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine, I promise, I’ll come back by 3:00″
“THREE?????? TOO LATE! NO, COME NOW!” Nat demanded
“Wait, I’ll be back, talk to you later, gotta investigate” Matt said, then left
“But-but Matt! MATT” Nat said into the walkie talkie, but there was no reply. “Oh no….He better come back soon”

Matt looked around, he was cold, he wore a light sweater and jeans and it was about 15 degrees celcius outside. He walked and walked and suddenly bumped into a large, hairy and dark figure. He thought it was just a tree so he moved aside and kept walking. As he walked, he realized that the figure he thought was a tree, followed him. He turned around to take a look, he saw this large hairy thingn in front of him. It was dark out, it was cold, dark and spooky. Matt, squinted then gasped, he realized that the figure he thought was a tree wasn’t.  ”AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Suddenly, a scream like no other came. The biggest scream of the night…A scream……………From Matt….



Spark: Heh heh..How did you guys like the story?

Dew: I’m never camping again!

Spark: Oh com’on, it was totally fake!

Dew: W-w-well, cya t-tomorrow!

Spark: there will be more soon! Later! And this one has no ending, so if you think you are a good writer, tell us your version of the ending and we might publish it and make you famous (sorta)..Bye!

Kenny: Here’s story number 2! Enjoy…..

The Tale of The Missing Blue Crystal By: Spark

On a bright summer day, Dew lost a crystal. After a few days they found it.

Dew: *furrious* THAT IS NOT HOW IT WENT!!!!
Kenny: Yea, give more details, gosh!!!!!!!!!!!
Spark: Oh, fine…. here goes……

Mystery of the Blue Crystal

One day, Spark was playing her video games. In the middle of playing ‘Super Mario Bros’ on her Wii, she received a call.

“Spark, get over here!!” cried a frantoc voice.

“Is that Dew or Kenny?” Spark asked, still as calm as ever.

“Okay, it’s Dew, and get here as soon as possible because I think it’s gonna blow……” Dew was still talking as fast as a motorboat.

“Well, chillax, what’s wrong?” Spark wondered.

“Someone stole my cyrstal!!” Dew screamed.

“Uhh… I’ll be over after I finish this game!” Spark replied, closing her cell phone.

“No, this is very important and-” Dew was cut off.

After Spark finished her game of stomping on mushrooms on her Wii, she carefully set her remote on the package. Spark was VERY serious about her video games.

As she arrived at Dew’s house, Dew flung open the door and began screaming in italian at her.

“What?” asked Spark, confused.

“Oh, it’s you. Anyways I need help!” Dew was still as frantic as she’d been on the phone.

“Get Kenny’s detective kit,” Spark called, already making way for the fridge.

“He’s….captured….. remember???” Dew cried, still upset that Kenny was gone.

“Well,” Spark murmured, mouth full of chocolate, “We’ll see.”

When they finally arrived at Kenny’s house, like Dew said, nobody answered. Spark pulled out a small metal object.

“What are you doing?????” muteered Dew, obivously annoyed that they were wasting time.

“I’m picking the lock….”

“How are you going to pick the lock….” Dew was in mid-sentence when the door swung open. “Oohhh, like that.”

“So… It always work to have a lock pick in your bag, eh?” Spark smugly bragged.

“Do you think this is dangerous??”

“Ugh, half my family’s dangerous, let;s GO!” Spark snapped.

As they walked in, Spark, once again, made way for the fridge. After looking at what was inside, she closed it with digust. Dew spotted the kit with her watchful eye and grabbed it.

“I got it. Let’s go,” Dew whispered.

When the two girls snuck out and closed the door behhind them, they broke into a run. When they reached Dew’s house, Spark laughed.

“Whats so funny? How would you feel if-” Dew growled.

“It’s just they put clues. It’s so easy!!!! Ha!!” Spark chuckled.

For the first time, Dew noticed foot prinits on the ground. As they followed them, Spark turned blue. When Dew asked her what was wrong she pointed to the ground. SUddenly, Dew gasped too. The footprints just stopped!!

Spark broke into a run and found herself out of no where. Then a voice came out.

“My name is Roxy. I’m a dectective and I’m going to help you. The person went underground here….” Roxy confirmed.

After following the tunnel to nowhere, Spark’s impatientness grew. Suddenly, Roxy reached into her bag and pulled out a small, blue stone. The stone lit up the whole place.

“That’s my…. crystal…..” Dew stammered.

Roxy just smiled and walked on. As Spark and dew ran to catch up with her, Roxy’s hand burst with fire and slashed 5 lines of blue fire in their path.

“I’m not super detective……” She droned on and on about her past life.

Spark just rolled her eyes. “man, this girl is annoying…” Spark thought.

Dew looked as if she was thinking the same thing.

As Roxy finished her sentence, she attacked Dew with a huge beam of fire. Spark got mad as Dew just helplessly got defeated. Suddenly, 3 tails grew out of Spark as if they were natrually like that. After the fourth tail strung out, she became uncontollable and attacked Roxy with a great force. In the moment, she attacked Dew as well, but didn’t notice.

After a few hours past and Spark had fainted, and when she woke up, she saw Dew’s scarred arm, broken trees and cracked ground.

“Whoa Dew, what happened?” Spark exclainmed.

“Oh… these…. these are wound affected by Roxy earlier. They’re healing nicely though,” Dew lied.

“Spark, may I have a word with you,” aksed a voice.

It was Angela, the girl that had secretly followed them there.


“It wasn’t Roxy who hurt Dew earlier… It was YOU,” Angela explained.

“So the land… the trees…..” Spark murmured.

“yes…. it was all you. dew lied, to prtect you from the truth.”


“The nine tailed fox demon….. it’s sealed in your body, in the heart of the dragons flame.” Angela explained, “This may give you a shortcut to saving Kenny, but you can’t rely on it, because it’s not really YOUR power.

“….” Spark was speechless.

“You can surpress that power, but you didn’t. You LIKED the rush that ot gave you didn’t you?” Angela cotinued. “If you want to rescue Kenny, do it using your own power. If you want to protect Dew, do it using your own stength.”

“Okay….” Spark sighed.

As they headed back to Dew’s house, they never knew, the spirit of Roxy… still remained hidden……. And as Kenny continues to seek the power of Rockxy, Spark and Dew needs to recue Kenny, fast. Before it’s too late…..

THE END… or is it?? As the Nine Tailed Fox spirit begins to awaken in the heart of the Dragons Flame……

More to come!!!!!

-TTFPS Staff in cooperation with Spark, Dew, Kenny and Hinners


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